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Last nine weeks one of my goals was to become better at using computers.  I think I’ve accomplished this.  I now know how to use things such as Google Sketchup, Google Documents, and Adobe Fireworks.  This is the same goal I have for the rest of the year, except to learn even more advanced things.  I am right now learning how to use Adobe Premiere Pro for one of my projects in Social Studies.  I also used this for my omni project commercial.  I hope I can learn many new things about laptops over the rest of the year.  But these are some links to things I didn’t know how to make at the beginning of the year.  This is a dragon I pixelated using Adobe Fireworks.   

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  1. Hi, Josh. I am tagging people on the subject “What Keeps Me Going.” I am challenging you to write a post about this subject and then tag other people. Tag, you’re it!
    P.S. Your blog looks pretty cool!

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